Nationals 2024 - Side Event Schedule

Didn't make the cut for your National Championship? Don't worry, we've got your back!

We're proud to announce the first ever Flesh and Blood National Festival! This year, there will be an exclusive promo card up for grabs only at National Championship Side Events!

Whether you're new to the game, a casual player, or just keen to hang out with your friends competing in the main event - we have a place at the table for you! Simply show up to play in a specially labelled National Festival Side Event and you could win this awesome exclusive card. Stay tuned for the exciting reveal!

Side Events featuring the 2024 National Festival promo will be capped based on strict promo allocations, so make sure to pre-register.

Whether you're new to Flesh and Blood, play casually on the kitchen table, compete in the main event, or if you just happen to be around: we've ensured that you'll be busy pitching throughout the weekend!

Saturday Side Events

Sunday Side Events

On-Demand Events

We'll have two different types of UPF happening all weekend!
If you're unfamiliar with on-Demand Events; as soon as we have the correct amount signed up (4 or 8 depending on format) the event will begin! These will ensure you're always able to play some Flesh and Blood no matter what's going on!

4 Players

Ultimate Pit Fight - Blitz (Multiplayer)

In this casual multiplayer format, all Flesh and Blood cards are fair game as you battle your way to victory. With politics, alliances, and backstabbing encouraged, Ultimate Pit Fight is the perfect way to gather friends and enjoy the social aspect of the game. So grab your deck, hone your tactics, and prepare for the roar of the crowd as you claim your legend story in Ultimate Pit Fight!


8 Players

Ultimate Pit Fight - Draft (Multiplayer)

Ultimate Pit Fight meets Booster Draft!

It's as easy as an 8-person draft, splitting into two 4-person UPF pods... with a winner-takes-all final match between the two heroes who emerge victorious from their respective pods, to crown the champion of the arena!