Calling: Queenstown 2024 - Side Events Schedule

Over the whole weekend of the 19th-21st we have more side events than you can smash with a big tree!

Apart from the three headline events (HVY World Premiere, Calling: Queenstown, Battle Hardened) these are the events that you can redeem your Silver and Bronze vouchers for. Side Event Registrations are available on-site only. 

You can find detailed information about side events organised per day here: 

Full Friday Events Schedule Breakdown 

Full Saturday Events Schedule Breakdown

Full Sunday Events Schedule Breakdown


And a full quick schedule below:


Time Friday Events Entry Cost
10:00AM HVY World Premiere $100
12:00PM Blitz 1 Double Prizes $60
1:30PM Classic Constructed 1 Double Prizes $60
2:00PM Sealed 1 (6 packs) $60
3:00PM Blitz 2 $35
4:00PM Commoner $35
5:00PM UPF Draft $35
6:00PM CC 2 Super Armory $35
6:30PM Sealed 2 (6 packs) Super Armory $60
7:00PM Blitz 3 Super Armory $35


Time Saturday Events Entry Cost
9:00AM Calling Sealed $125
10:00AM Commoner GCF $60
10:30AM Classic Constructed 1 $35
11:30AM Blitz 1 $35
12:30PM Sealed 1 (6 packs) $60
1:30PM UPF Draft $35
2:30PM Shapeshifter MON,TOA,UPR,DYN,OUT,DTD $60
3:30PM Blitz 2 $35
5:00PM Classic Constructed 2 Double Prizes $60
6:00PM Ravenous Rabble Event - Sealed (6 packs) Double Prizes $85
6:30PM Blitz 3 Double Prizes $60


Time Sunday Events Entry Cost
9:00AM Calling Day 2 Draft Qualification Only
9:30AM Classic Constructed 1 $35
10:00AM Battle Hardened Team Sealed (12 packs per team)  $240
11:00AM Blitz 1 $35
12:00PM Commoner $35
1:00PM Shapeshifter MON,TOA,UPR,DYN,OUT,DTD $60
1:30PM WTR Alpha Draft Invitation Only
2:00PM UPF Draft $35
3:00PM Classic Constructed 2 Double Prizes $60
3:30PM Ravenous Rabble Event - Sealed (6 packs) Double Prizes $85
4:30PM Blitz 2 Double Prizes $60